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Winter Whites! Bland, Bleah or BLISS?

Thursday, February 11, 2016   /   by Extreme Home Selling Team

Winter Whites! Bland, Bleah or BLISS?

White Room Splashed!Never Fear the White! Especially when renting where, in many cases, you are forbidden from painting walls, floors and ceilings any color other than Eggshell, Oyster, Pearl, or some Huey Iteration of Snowy White....

Look at it as YOUR canvas on which you will mount your Art Work, albeit temporarily, adding a Dash of Spice and a Splash of Color to enliven your space as it suits your personality and temperament. It's the perfect environment for Accessories to reign in full bloom one season, then drift into muted coloration the next! It's also a heck of a lot cheaper to slipcover a few pillows than paint the walls or change the drapes!

MonochromeFor those who find comfort in a monochromatic palette, layering ivories, creams, taupes and ecrus brings understated elegance and richness in hushed tones providing a serene calming balance. Your space can be a sanctuary of peace for meditation, prayer, reading, simply being with your favorite people!

When YOU are ready to MAKE A MOVE from Rental to Own so YOU can Paint the walls YOUR Choice of Colors, Call the Experts in RENT-TO-OWN on the GULF COAST! We've got the 411 in the 941 on the BEST DEAL for YOU!

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