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What Women Want...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015   /   by Extreme Home Selling Team

What Women Want...

Sounds like a Mel Gibson / Helen Hunt movie, doesn't it?

Helen Hunt, Mel Gibson

Funny Business aside, buying and selling Real Estate has always been about the Heart & Hearth of the Home... or
What Women Want! and Need to create a comfortable, safe, nurturing and loving environment for their family regardless of the employment or relationship dynamics. Those who fail to grasp this critical distinction invariably lose the opportunity to do business with the household.

Women are the Number One reason that Kitchens sell a Home!
Women are the Number One reason that Bathrooms sell a Home!

Meridian at the Oaks Kitchen    Bellagio Tower Master Bath

Garages don't do it. Mancaves don't do it. Swimming Pools, Bonus Rooms, nor incentives like a Big Screen TV, Riding Lawn Mower or Free One-Year Sports TV Package Subscription most certainly DON'T DO IT! Notice the common thread in all of these? They appeal to the masculine more than the feminine generally speaking.

Know your Market. Take a course in Psych 101 at the local college. Grab a book from your Library to refresh yourself. Don't assume you know which way the market is turning as too many of us become insular in our thinking. Learning is a life-long adventure! Ride it!

On another note, Kitchens & Baths are also the most costly to upgrade due to the materials involved: appliances, fixtures, flooring, cabinetry, lighting and paint. Most other rooms can get a refresher SIMPLY with paint and flooring, and feel completely new! When it comes to an upgrade, these two rooms are the first place most people look. I NEED a modern, clean, up-to-date kitchen for food prep, cook and storage or I can't eat in the house (as evidenced by the latest disaster, errr, rental I had...) The bath MUST be fully operational with exceptional water pressure, GFI Circuits, perfect lighting and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Is that too much to ask for? I am Woman! Hear me MIAAOOO!

Shari Shepard   Shari Shepard
Adding a Little Sharisma to Your Life!