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SAFETY is Still Key in Our Business!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015   /   by Extreme Home Selling Team

SAFETY is Still Key in Our Business!

Once again, the issue of SAFETY has become front and center in Real Estate as a report of an attempted Sexual Assault upon a Real Estate Agent in Manatee County was thwarted and reported Monday, August 10th. Thankfully, the Agent was unharmed and managed to scare off the would-be perpetrator by indicating the Home Owners were nearby and returning to the property shortly!

Herald-Tribune Story

The suspect attempted the “Leaky Toilet” ruse to get her into a confined space. Please remember to always stay on the outside of small rooms and near the exits. Let the Potential Buyer walk the rooms by themselves with you having a clear view of their activities from a safe distance, never leaving them alone if you are the only one in the home also.
Leaky Toilet

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to take a snapshot of their license plate, vehicle and their face. If they start to object, they don’t need to see the home!

 YOUR Safety comes first!