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Friday, April 1, 2016   /   by Extreme Home Selling Team


Every Realtor worth their Commission will tell a Homeowner the cold harsh Truth: You MUST De-Clutter Your Home before we List. When You think You're done, go back through AGAIN! It doesn't matter how long or how short a time you've been in your current home, we all accumulate "stuff"!

Milk Jug StorageSavvy Klutter Queen Marie Kondo of Tokyo, Japan gets down to Brass Tacks and Floor Boards (literally!) to help you make those tough decisions about what to Keep, what to Recycle and what to Toss! Her two terrific books on taking the Clutter OUT of Your Life: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy have helped many people get a jump on the task.
Here are some VERY helpful tips for YOU to get started managing the work of cleaning, reorganizing and de-cluttering your home today!

First: Everything you own wants to be of use to you. Think about that.....
Second: Don't buy run-of-the-mill storage containers. Use what you have!
Third: Adorn your home with things you love. No need to go bare!
Fourth: Learn to fold. Everything has a sweet spot.
Fifth: Sort items by category, not one-by-one. Eliminate duplicates!
Sixth: Stack & Store by shape to gain more space.
Seventh: Decision Maker... As you hold each item, ask yourself "Does this SPARK JOY in me?"
Book SharingEighth: Recognize what has no more use in your life and share it with someone else.
Ninth: Leave Sentimentality for Last!

TEN: B..R..E..A.T..H..E......!
Breathe!You're really choosing NOT what to discard, but what to wisely, lovingly KEEP!Isn't that a better way to look at the task?

When you are ready to make a change and you've cleared the clutter from
YOUR life, YOU CAN COUNT ON the Extreme Home Selling Team to walk with you through the transition to a better position! Call Us!

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