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New Door-To-Door Sales Scam

Wednesday, January 6, 2016   /   by Extreme Home Selling Team

New Door-To-Door Sales Scam

Door SalesmanMost People are aware that those Door-To-Door Sales people are 7-8 times out of ten just casing the neighborhood, looking for easy targets to rob at a later time and date. Also, most of us are aware of the Alarm Companies such as ADT who offer a FREE SYSTEM plus INSTALL with a Two Year Agreement which is a really good deal!

However, the Criminals are catching up and playing on that particular promotion!! They scout for homes with the Alarm Company signs in the yard in an attempt to gain access by saying they need to "upgrade" the system or that vendor has gone out of business and they bought the accounts.

The purpose is to remove your working security panel and replace it with one they can control so they have access to your home when you're not around!

Confident TEAMAlways be Cautious when a Door-To-Door Sales Pitch is employed especially when you've received ZERO NOTICE from your vendor by mail or phone! Call them directly from your own documents (not theirs!) to verify the service call. NEVER let them in and if they refuse to leave, hit the Emergency code or call 911 for assistance!

Be Safe in Your Neighborhood! When You decide to look for a New Home, we hope you'll put the Experts at the Extreme Home Selling Team to Work. We'll stand WITH, BESIDE and FOR YOU in every Transaction!

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