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Florida Gardens

Wednesday, September 16, 2015   /   by Extreme Home Selling Team

Florida Gardens

Starting, Maintaining and Nurturing a Thriving Garden can be a chore at best and a relative nightmare at worst! No one wants to spend money on a project for all the world to see only to have it brown and die in full view under the critical eyes of your neighbors....

Sarasota Garden Club grounds    Sarasota Garden Club grounds

Xeriscaping or the planning of gardens and landscaping with indigenous, local plants, shrubs and trees will almost always insure a thriving paradise over the choice of a rock garden, paver brick yard or similar choices. Succulents are amazing plants that can add beauty to every garden whether indoor container-style, outdoors planters or inground.

Florida Xeriscape Lawn     Florida Xeriscaped Lawn

Paver Brick Yard     Paver Brick Yard

Succulent Care is easy. They need good drainage so the soil can dry out between waterings. Morning Light is best as they can sunburn, so direct overhead or full on afternoon sun is not the best for their health. Watch the leaf die out. The bottom outside leaves are ok, but if the top or center leaves begin to dry and die, you have a problem!

Succulents     Box of Succulents

You should also take a look at the wonderful collection of "Butterfly" plants such as Milkweed, Porterweed, Cats Whiskers and the Mexican Flame Vine! They are easy to grow, will attract butterflies to your garden who pollinate your plants again and again, and can provide entertainment for your family pets too!

Milkweed   Milkweed  Blue Porterweed   Porterweed  Cats Whiskers   Cats Whiskers   Mexican Flame Vine   Mexican Flame Vine

Happy Planting!

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