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Do I need a Hefty Down Payment to Buy?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015   /   by Extreme Home Selling Team

Do I need a Hefty Down Payment to Buy?

Many Buyers are afraid to enter the Real Estate Market because they believe, and are being told, that they absolutely must have 20% OR MORE of a Down Payment to get started in the Home Buying Process.

Ilyce Glink/Samuel Tamkin Column

This is not written in stone! Here's how to resolve that situation....

DO start a Home Savings Account!
  • It demonstrates responsibility
  • It can cover upfront fees like Appraisal, Inspections, Insurance, Home Warranty, etc.
  • It can cover future expenses like repairs, Utility Deposits, etc.

Utilize one of hundreds of Down Payment Programs that can be tailored to YOUR situation!

Put the concept of Rent~To~Own to work for YOU!
  • Move-In Costs as low as 2 Months' Rent
  • $50,000 Total Household Income to qualify
  • Up to $550,000 Purchase Price
  • If you Love Your Rental, You can RTO Your Rental* (*If Owner is willing to Sell & HP is willing to Buy)

YOU DO HAVE CHOICES! Don't let the OLD way dictate Your NEW Lifestyle! Put the Experts of the Extreme Home Selling Team to work for you!

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