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Creating a Household Inventory... Is it Necessary?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015   /   by Extreme Home Selling Team

Creating a Household Inventory... Is it Necessary?

Moving Day...
Storing Possessions, Short or Long Term...
Natural Disasters: Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Floods...
Man-Made Disasters: Arson, Robbery, Planes Falling out of the Sky!!!

Natural Disaster

Yes, there are MANY reasons you should probably have an up-to-date Household Inventory of your possessions. I have been especially mobile during the past 8 years so I decided to create an Inventory list to keep track of what was where and in which box. Due to a major disruption in my life, my brain's memory banks can no longer tolerate inanity so I choose carefully what I commit electronically to keep MY mental slate clear for the REALLY important stuff. Here's what my simplified spreadsheet looks like:

ROOM .... DESC .... BOX # .... FULL DESCRIPTION   You should add   COST .... DATE .... STORE

This will come in handy for Insurance purposes. For those big ticket items like major electronics, jewelry, etc. photograph them from every angle! Think about the replacement cost for your furnishings. It's quite costly should you lose even the basics like the contents of your bedroom. If I had to replace MY entire bedroom suite, here is what it would look like in general...

$3,500 .... Jameson Pillow Top Mattress and Boxspring, Queen
$1,500 .... Queen Bed Frame, Ultra Suede Headboard
$  550 ..... Ladies Espresso Dresser with Mirror
$  500 ..... Gentleman's Espresso Bureau
$  250 ..... Nightstands
$  400 ..... Silk Drapes
$  500 ..... Silk and Cotton Bed Linens, Hypo-Allergenic Pillows
$  300 ..... Lighting
$2,500 .... 6 x 9 wool rug

That's $10,000 in one room! That doesn't include any of my clothing, shoes, hats & accessories, jewelry, nor any damage to the home itself!

Sample Bedroom  Similar Bedroom

Can you see why having an inventory is a very good idea? Don't worry or fret about past purchases TOO much. You can probably pull up old statements to get purchasing information or go directly to the store and see what they may have on file. You'd be amazed at the BIG DATA process in place. Retail knows more about you than you ever imagined. USE IT to your advantage in this case!

Now that I've added up those numbers, I realize I've been short-changing myself... Time to upgrade!

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