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Brutalist Decor weighs in this Fall

Tuesday, October 6, 2015   /   by Extreme Home Selling Team

Brutalist Decor weighs in this Fall


Are you feeling harsh and rough around the edges with these descriptors? Let's put it into perspective for you with fantastic examples...
The term "Brutalist Architecture" describes work popularized by Le Corbusier in the 1950s as a poignant juxtaposition to the sophisticated Beaux Arts model. It is defined as "...spare, geometric forms, and materials like unfinished concrete, steel and glass. ...abstract forms and rough textures, adding an earthy palette and incorporating other materials like wood, plaster and marble."

Le Coorbusier Brutalist Building     Le Corbusier Chair I know where you can get a pair of extremely good knock offs of Le Corbusier chairs!

Le Corbusier Design  Le Corbusier Lounger

There is beauty in spare design!

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